Monday, April 22, 2013


So I'm due to have a baby sometime between now and 3 weeks from now.  I'm partly like "This CANNOT happen soon enough" and partly like "Just let me get these couple of things done first".

Every day there's some project that needs completing.  My baby shower was on Saturday (Thanks everyone!!), so of course on Sunday I had to go to the baby store and buy all the baby crap that I didn't get yet.

Side Note:  Everyone buys cute crap for baby showers.  Little outfit, socks, baby bath robes......I got very limited practical crap.  My two pregnant friends (both due in May also, both having boys also....and we're all blondes.  We're obviously making a small version of Village of the Damned) got me a big bag of all the little crap you NEED.  Diaper rash cream, thermometer, first aid kit, nursing pads....etc.  Otherwise, I have tons of little just oh-so-adorable outfits.

I'm not complaining.  I love outfits.  But I had a lot to buy. 

I got almost all of it, without spending a ton of money (depending on who you ask.  My husband is amazed at how much crap a little baby needs, and I didn't get anything that I deem stupid.  Like a wipe warmer.). 

So then I had to take off all the tags and wrappings and such, put away everything that wasn't fabric, and wash ALL of the clothes and blankets and towels and crap.

I put together the changing table and this little bench thing and the bouncer (with much needed and appreciated help from my daughter).

That was after super cleaning my bedroom on Saturday because the baby is going to sleep in there for the first few months and "look at this dust", and "should I wash the curtains?", and "when is the last time we cleaned the ceiling fan?"

My mom says to me "oh, someone is nesting".

I wanted to punch her in the throat. 

No, I'm not fucking nesting.  I'm not overcome with a huge urge to do all these things.  They have to get done.  How do I change the baby if the changing table is in a box? I have to wash all the clothes and blankets because they smell like chemicals.  I have to clean the ceiling fan because it is caked with inches of dust and if I need to turn it on dust is going to fly everywhere all over my baby.

Ok.  I'm nesting.  Also, it sucks!  I don't want to do this.  I want to lay down.  But everywhere I look is something that really needs to get done before I pop out a kid.

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