Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flushing Toilets and Birthday Parties


Sorry.  I had to capitalize that.  It's just so exciting.  You have no idea how much you take for granted the simple ability to just flush your toilet until you can't.

I have a new found love of doing dishes....because I can do them without boiling water and filling a bucket.  Running water is truly a beautiful thing.

And in other news....

My son's first birthday party was Sunday.  We squeezed over 30 people into my parents' living room, as it wasn't very nice outside.

I got a 5" round little cake for the boy.

My daughter's first birthday party was 11 year ago.  Back then, a local grocery store offered a free cake for the birthday kid.  It was an 8" cake.  All she did with it was make a mess.  She barely ate any of it.

That's not how my little man rolls.  I'm considering changing his middle name to "glutton".  The kid ate the entire little cake.  More sugar was running through his veins than he had consumed cumulatively in his entire life. 

One minute I was dabbing frosting on his tongue to give him the idea to eat it, the next he was shoving fistfuls of yellow cake and frosting goodness into his mouth.  Before I really knew what happened he had consumed it all.

Our guests were crammed into the kitchen, watching the madness.  They kept looking on the floor for the cake that he couldn't possibly have eaten that fast. 

Not my little dude.  He ate that fucking thing.

We both paid for his gluttony later, but it was hilarious.

Happy birthday buddy.

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