Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Putting Words in My Mouth

For my birthday, a few months ago, Fiance Face got together with a short list of my friends and family and bought me a tablet.  It was quite the surprise.  The thing is pretty nifty.
It's convenient for checking my email, playing games, watching Netflix....etc.
It is not, however, the same as a computer.
Most of the things I was thinking it would be useful for aren't really possible. 

Problem:  Typing is a pain in the ass with a touch screen.
Pseudo-Solution: Download a slide-type app that allows me to just slide my finger across the keys and it will pick the word I want.

Problem:  The slide app is an asshole.
Pseudo-Solution:  Get a stylus.

Problem:  Stylus makes note taking look like it was done by a 2nd grader and you have to write REALLY BIG in order to even read what you wrote.
Pseudo-Solution:  Download some program that will take my chicken scratch and turn it to type.

Problem:  Yeah, that app doesn't really work.
Pseudo-Solution:  Buy a 3 subject notebook and get over yourself.

One day I was stuck working at home, and I had left my laptop in the office.

But hey, I have my tablet!!


I finally had someone go pick up my laptop because trying to do the normal things we've all become accustomed to doing with our laptop or desktop computers is sooooooo freaking annoying with a tablet.

Started off trying to get pricing from a sales rep.  He asked me to email him the list of the items I need priced.  Normally, I would create a spreadsheet itemizing a bill of materials for ease of use by everyone involved.

I start looking at apps.......
Oh cool, they have Microsoft Office to go.....and it's compatible with my tablet.  Fantastic!!
No.  No it wasn't fantastic.  This crap was a $10 app, but I was willing to sacrifice the $10 in the name of making my technology work for me.  And the app worked just fine.  If I had a blue tooth keyboard and a mouse to go with my tablet, then maybe it would have been alright.  Oh, but then it would just be a laptop!

I don't know if I've ever mentioned that I'm a little OCD.  So, when I couldn't make the columns in my spreadsheet wider to accommodate the text I had just put in there....I kind of lost my shit.

I finally ended up just calling the guy and giving him the list over the phone.

The point of all this rambling is that, though my tablet is awfully nifty in it's own way, what I really wanted was a laptop.

I have an ancient, economy model desktop.  I have an awesome laptop at work, but it belongs to my company.

For my birthday, Fiance Face and I had talked about getting me a laptop.  Priced them out.  Settled on a concept.  It was all good.

I had mentioned....once....when they were on super-sale at Walmart....months before my birthday....that maybe having a tablet would be kinda neat.

So, my birthday comes....he hands me the, it's little.  Huh.  I wonder what could be in here?  It can't be a laptop.

I open it, and it's a tablet.  And I liked it.  But it's not as functional as a laptop.

I am absolutely not the kind of person that gripes about gifts that are given to me.  I appreciate the hell out of anything someone else picked out for me.  That is not what this little rant is about.

(I should also mention that this was the first gift that Fiance Face has ever picked out for me on his own.  Every other birthday, Christmas, valentines day, or anniversary he has either made me pick out my own gift, or had someone else tell him what I wanted, or kicked in on a group gift other people were already getting me....etc)

So last night......
Fiance Face and I are hanging out in our room.  I mention casually that I received an email advertising these really neat laptops for $199.

FF:  "Wow, that's a really good deal."
Me:  "I know.  If I had $200 I'd get one."
FF:  "What do you need a laptop for?  You have a desktop and a tablet."
Me:  "Well yeah, but the desktop is all sorts of obsolete, and the tablet is cool for (all the things I mentioned above), but isn't a real computer.
FF:  "Then why did you ask for a tablet?"


I most certainly did not ask for a tablet.  I asked for a laptop.  Actually, I asked for money toward a laptop, and I was going to kick in some of my own dollars to get the one I wanted.  YOU are the one who decided to surprise me with a tablet. 

This pisses me off.  It's just more proof that he really doesn't listen when I speak.  Although he also apparently doesn't retain information either.  We priced laptops together.  He's a raging computer geek, so of course I asked for his input while I was looking for a computer. 

I swear, he's on his way down the road to senility. 

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