Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To The Mattresses

It's been almost a month, and finally we moved our bed into the bedroom last night.  We drag the mattress upstairs.  It's a tight squeeze. 
Me:  "Guess what isn't going to fit up the stairs?"
Husband:  ::::Blank Stare::::
Me:  "The box spring."
Husband:  "Oh sure it will, watch me."

Meanwhile, it had taken squishing down the mattress a bit to get it to fit up the stairs.  Box springs don't squish.  But I kept my mouth shut.

So we get to the part where we intend to take the box spring upstairs.....we had to take it out the front door to get it pointed straight at the stairs....hubby starts up the stairs backward, I'm standing outside holding the other end.  THUD!!

The box spring hit the top of the door frame. 

We tilt it to the left.  Thud.

We tilt it to the right.  Thud.

He actually tried to squish it like the mattress.

No go.

So he starts taking apart the door frame.  One piece at a time. 

An hour and a half later, there is no door frame and the box spring is upstairs.

So I guess when he said "Watch me" he meant "watch me break the house so we can get the box spring up the stairs".

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