Monday, October 7, 2013

And She's Back

Wow.  I just realized I haven't written anything in like 5 months.  That's how old my son is now, by the way.  Of course, the story of his birth is hilarious (well, parts of it) and horrible, and messy.  I'll write that one later on for anyone that really wants to read it.

It's been an interesting 5 months.  My husband has almost ended up on a milk carton at least.....weekly.  My 11 year old is both a wonderful blessing and a wretched, ragging curse of a pre-teen.  My son is the cutest thing that ever screamed his bloody head off at 2am.

The first....month and a half??....was horrible.  The baby was super gassy.  Screamed all the time.  No happy baby.  No quiet, peaceful slumber.  Screaming.  ALL.  THE.  TIME.  My husband almost died.  Every day. 

Then things got better.  Now he's a happy, smiley boy that laughs at everything.  And the baby is cute too.  =)

I have so much to write about.  Breast feeding.  Cloth diaper mishaps.  Child care.  Working from (ha ha ha) home. 

All of that will have to be for another time.  I just wanted to say "I'm Back" to the 3 people that have read my stuff (who probably don't anymore).  I'll be back, hopefully with something funny.

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